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German SD2B \' Butterfly Bomb \'.
An example of the infamous \' Butterfly Bomb \' that was dropped over the UK in profusion from 1941. Packed into containers which opened at height, the SD2s were armed as the hinged, spring loaded wings opened and rotated relative to the bomb body. The bomb either exploded on impact, after a delay or when disturbed.
This example is the SD2B model with the threaded fuze pocket containing a 41 fuze - airburst or impact. The fuze is substantially intact with some minor nibbling to the body ( not visible with fuze in bomb casing.) The body of the bomb is in original ordnance tan approx 45% with the wings being predominantly a red oxide finish where the original has been lost. Two springs to the outer casing/wings are no longer operative although the other two are working. Outer casing dated 1941. Minor corrosion on some surfaces but altogether an excellent ,sound example of a scarce piece of German ordnance.