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German 1kg B1E Incendiary bomb - Steel Nose.
The standard German 1kg incendiary bomb dropped on the UK in profusion and the baine of the Civil Defence services. Filled with thermite and made from electron magnesium and intiated by an impact fuze, the I.B. burnt with a fierce heat and intense white light. This pattern was designed with a steel nose and was known as a \'SNIB\' or \'tile smasher\' by the Civil Defence services. As a consequence of the steel nose the bomb was heavier at 1.3kg and was intended to break through roof slates into the more inflammable roof spaces of buildings.
This example retains approx. 60% of it\'s silvered finish with clear acceptance stamps and the date 1943. The tail fins have a number of minor dents with 75% paint finish and painted acceptance stamps. The detachable steel nose is clearly marked \'AZ13A\' and has various minor abrasions with some areas of oxidization on the body of the bomb. Less common variant of the standard IB