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P.B.Cow Ltd. factory helmet.
Khaki painted, MkII, 1939 dated, helmet with \' P.B.Cow \' emblem. Manufactured by R.O.Co ( Rubery Owen & Co. Ltd., Darlaston ) with a size 6 3/4, 1939 dated, MkI liner. P.B.Cow & Co were a company based in Streatham involved in the production of rubber and plastics. They were variously involved in the production of Mae Wests and dinghys for the RAF, gasmasks and barrage balloon components. This helmet may well have been intended for use by a Home Guard unit connected to the company or for use during raids. In good, used condition with 80% paintwork remaining, some denting to crown and abrasions to P.B.Cow decal.