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NASC Helmet.
MkII Helmet worn by a member of the National Association of Spotters Clubs, an organisation formed in 1941 for the furtherance of the recognition of aircraft. The NASC issued their own water slide transfer for use on helmets and this particular helmet features two, to front and rear of the black, hand-painted helmet. Although the rim stamps are difficult to decipher, the shell was probably made by Fisher & Ludlow Ltd of Birmingham in 1939 with the liner, a size 7, by Briggs Motor Bodies, again in 1939. Both transfers are substantially intact with paintwork rating at 75%+. Scarce helmet.

SEE 10733:National Association of Spotters Clubs lapel badge.
10722:Helmets of the Home Front. This excellent reference
features these helmets, pg166.

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Huddersfield Home Guard Rocket AA Battery Photo Album.
Souvenir Photograph album for the 225/107 ( WRC ). H.G. Rocket AA Battery Huddersfield, 1944. Photographed in September 1944 the album contains 12 x b/w 13cms x 18cms plates showing the officers, NCO's, men and women of the battery with the senior personnel identified. Like many of the HG AA units 107 AA Battery was formed around a cadre of regular RA members in this case 225 ( M ) Rocket Battery Royal Artillery, in this case ( M ) stood for mixed, indicating both male and female ( ATS ) personnel. Most of the HG personnel formed reliefs which manned the battery in shifts. Excellent, clean condition and scarce.

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Fry's Chocolate Cream Box - Rationing Information.
Cardboard box with exterior label indicating that it originally contained 2 dozen Fry's Chocolate Cream bars. Complete with controlled price and other rationing information. Good, clean condition.

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Southampton ARP Identity Card.
Board identity card embossed with the ARP badge to the front in silver. Interior offers details on an ' E.G.Benham ' a warden in Southampton. Issued in September 1940 and endorsed again in July 1943. Used, slightly grubby condition.

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Enemy Uniforms at a Glance.
8pg, gatefold leaflet ' Enemy Uniforms at a Glance ' a " Spot at Sight " Chart issued by the Ministry of Information. Opening with sketches of a German Parachutist and including a German soldier, airman and sailor with salient recognition points identified. Issued at the same time as full colour posters with similar images at the height of the invasion scare in 1940. Good, used condition with light creasing, marking etc. An increasingly difficult to obtain leaflet.

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WLA Armband for 3 1/2 Years Service.
Felt and cotton, embroidered Women's Land Army armband for two years service with 3 additional six months service chevrons to display 3 1/2 years service in total. In good, clean condition with two very small moth ' nibbles ' to lower front face.

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CD Training Bulletin No.9.
1942 Civil Defence Training Bulletin No.9. Issued by the Ministry of Home Security, 12 pgs covering subjects from ' decontamination of Streets ' to the ' disposal of unignited explosive incendiary bombs '. Good, clean condition.

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Cadbury's ' Blended Chocolate ' Dummy Bar.
A wartime ' dummy ' or display bar of Cadbury's ' Blended Chocolate ' to be used in shop windows/counter displays. With the introduction of confectionery rationing in 1942 the lack of full-cream milk meant that separated milk was used and the result was termed ' Blended Chocolate '. Good, clean condition with slight fading.

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' Utility ' Lighter.
As smoking was ubiquitous during the war, lighters were an everyday part of life. This example was designed as a ' utility ' model and marked ' UL ' to the base. All brass body with removable cap designed to be used with lighter fluid or petrol. This particular model was used by MI9 to conceal a compass to facilitate escaping POWs. Good, used condition.

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LDV Rifle Training Manual.
1940 manual entitled 'Rifle Training for War - A textbook for Local Defence Volunteers' by Cpt.E.H.Robinson. 84 pages dealing with various types of rifle and their use with line drawing illustrations. In excellent, used condition with some very light marking and creasing.

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