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INERT German 1kg B1E Incendiary bomb.

The standard German 1kg incendiary bomb dropped on the UK in profusion and the baine of the Civil Defence services. Filled with thermite and made from electron magnesium and intiated by an impact fuze, the I.B. burnt with a fierce heat and intense white light.
This example has clearly come to earth with stress marks to body and dented and deformed nose. Body profusely stamped with manufacturer's and inspector's marks with similar markings to nose cap although difficult to discern. Filling plug removable. Tail vanes distorted with split seams where the body has been forced into the tail on landing. Most of the original paintwork remaining with printed inspection marks to tail vanes.

Code: 11859


ARP Beret.

Official issue ARP Beret. Official nomenclature ' A.R.P. 68A ', indicating an austerity pattern. Size 7 manufactured by J.Collett in 1942 with markings and inspection marks printed to the glazed cotton half lining. Steel ARP lapel badge bu Maples & Beasley used as a cap badge mounted through two holes. Some light moth grazing to the woollen body but otherwise in good condition.

Code: 11858


August 1945 Edition of the Land Girl.

Volume 6 , No.5 August 1945 edition of the Land Girl. Last of the wartime editions,16pgs with all of the regular columns, county news etc with features including a feminist leader ' Growing up and being grown-up - A woman in the world '. Has been folded and has rusted staples.

Code: 11857


West Bromwich War Savings Tin Badge.

Tin and celluloid 32mm lapel badge for the West Bromwich Victory Savings Campaign featuring an image of a comic Hitler in a set of stocks formed by the letter ' V '. Good, used condition with some light foxing, uncommon.

Code: 11856

40.00 GBP

Miniature Silver ARP Lapel badge.

Quarter size miniature version of the iconic ARP badge design. Half moon lapel fitting to reverse, ' sterling silver ' and manufacturer marked to reverse. In excellent bright condition.

Code: 11855


England's Glory Matches Trade Pack.

A trade or multi-pack of England's Glory matches. Containing 24 individual boxes of matches overwrapped with a paper wrapper with various slogans printed to the faces including ' War Emergency - our wrapper gift scheme is now discontinued ' and ' support home industries ' . Some loss to wrapper but otherwise in good N.O.S. condition.

Code: 11854


M.O.H. Civil Defence Shoulder Titles.

Pair of unissued, printed M.O.H. Civil Defence Shoulder titles. Official issue, authorised in 1941 for wear by Medical Officer of Health. Excellent, clean condition.

Code: 11853


ARP Training Bulletin No.2

1940 ARP Training Bulletin No.2. 16pgs of miscellaneous notes including Contex filters, decontamination, disposal of uxbs and lantern slides. Good, used condition, replaced staples and rust staining.

Code: 11852


WW2 Women's Auxiliary Police Corps lapel badge.

Chrome and enamel WAPC lapel badge by Thomas Fattorini, Birmingham. With half moon lapel fitting and in excellent condition with undamaged enamel. The WAPC was founded in August 1939 and disbanded in 1946 with numbers reaching approximately 4000 at it's peek. Uncommon badge.

Code: 11851


Aircraft Identification - Friend or Foe - British & German.

1940 ' Aircraft Identification - Friend or Foe ? - British & German Fighters and Bombers '. 64pg manual published by the ' Aeroplane ' magazine giving thorough descriptions of most types in service in this period with photographic and plan views. Good,used condition with some rusting to staples.

Code: 11850

14.00 GBP